New Kent Humane Society, Inc. is a non-profit organization in Virginia which incorporated in January 2009 to address
the growing number of homeless animals in our county needing assistance.  We are run entirely by
volunteers and have no paid staff.  Our organization relies entirely upon donations, adoption fees, and fund-
raising efforts for support.

New Kent Humane Society, Inc. assists in the placement of animals from the county pound and does not
accept owner surrendered animals, except in extreme and extenuating circumstances.  Our greatest wish is to
reduce the number of animals being euthanized locally.  All of our animals are kept in temporary foster homes
until permanent, loving homes can be found for them.

View our Animal Custody Records.

Thanks to the many hours put in by our dedicated volunteers and donations from concerned supporters, we
are building a strong network of resources to provide for the many animals who need us.  New Kent Humane
Society, Inc. is very proud of its accomplishments so far and is dedicated to its service to the community and
homeless animals.

Thank You,
Thomas Henry


Tom Henry

Vice President
Michelle Philbates

Michelle Philbates

Foster Program / Placement Manager
Mindy Nolte

Sue Donnelley