Information about the care we give animals entered into our adoption program and what you can expect when beginning to apply to adopt one of our animals:

We are very proud of the humane care we provide to the rescued animals in our custody. Many of them have come from poor, unknown, or stray situations and we invest our hearts into each and every one of them to give them a loving, stable future. That is why we expect potential adoptive families to provide at least the level of humane care that we provide to our animals when they leave us for a new home.

  1. All of our pets are kept in temporary, volunteer, foster homes where they are housed as cherished, indoor family pets and learn house training and manners. The foster family knows the animal best and we consider the foster opinion with great importance on each adoption.
  2. Most of our adult pets are spayed or neutered prior to adoption, if they cannot be, for a health related reason, or they are too young to be spayed/neutered prior to adoption, then a veterinary spay/neuter appointment will be set up for you, by us, at a veterinary of our choice, which will be told to you at the time of adoption or shortly thereafter. This mandatory spay/neuter appointment will be noted, agreed to and signed off on, in your adoption contract.
  3. All of our pets are fully vaccinated (age appropriate), groomed, and treated for intestinal parasites.
  4. All of our dogs are tested for heartworms and are put on preventive.  All of our cats are tested for feline aids/leukemia.
  5. All of our dogs are provided with a collar and ID tag and are micro-chipped (done at time of s/n).
  6. We require a non-refundable (after 14 days) adoption fee which goes toward our thorough routine veterinary exam, vaccines, spay/neuter, de-wormings, monthly heartworm and flea / tick preventative, bath and nail clipping.

Our adoption fee varies, depending on age and type of animal.


Our adoption fees vary and range from $50 to $250 depending on the type/sex/age of the adoptable animal and other factors

We screen potential adopters very carefully.  We strive for a good and lasting match for both pet and family with every adoption and we reserve the right to refuse any adoption.

Here’s what we expect to see from you pertaining to the care of your existing pets:

  1. All of your dogs and cats are spayed or neutered.
  2. All of your pets are kept as indoor pets (exception: feral/barn cats), and considered part of your family.
  3. All of your dogs and cats have current age appropriate vaccines/tests and visit a vet at least once per year:

Annual Distemper/parvo
Annual Bordatella (dogs)
Annual De-worming
Feline Aids / Leukemia tested (cats)
Annual Heartworm tests / Monthly prevention (dogs)
Monthly flea / tick prevention

If you believe you are able to provide the level of humane care that we require for one of our available animals, please complete our online adoption application. Once we receive you application, we may begin to check vet and personal references, and continue on in the adoption process (which may also include a home visit by one of our trained volunteers).  Once we have successfully completed your veterinary and reference checks, we will then be in contact with you in reference to setting up a meeting with the foster pet you have applied for.

Thank you,
New Kent Humane Society