Davy is one lucky hound boy – he’s in a foster home and is doing great.  He was living/starving near an abandoned house and a trailer park when a few good citizens noticed him and decided to help. They set up a feeding place and everyday went to bond with this formerly shy fellow.  Well after a few months, their patience paid off.  He is safe with us now, enjoying rubs and pets (and regular meals).  Davy had to go to the vet to have an ear infection cleared up, and then again to get his dental issues fixed.  He is all ready to meet his new adoptive family with a bright smile.  If you are able, please donate to help offset the expense of his ear and dental treatments.  Our adoption fee barely covers the basic vet care required to get a pet ready for adoption, so any help from donations will keep us going to be able to help the ‘next Davy’ with issues over the basics.  He is house and leash trained and will make somebody an awesome new pet.

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