My husband and I had our 2 beloved Mom and Son kitty cats of 17 and 18 years pass away within 3 months of each other, just this past July. Our hearts were so broken & feeling so empty. Saw on ‘Craigslist’ under the ‘Pets’ listing, a very handsome “Michael” who was in a foster home (who are to be commended HIGHLY for their love, special care, patience, teachers of awesome manners, & great champions of a system that really does work—-a million thank you’s to all of the family!!!) and ready to be adopted. Was put in touch with ‘Melissa’, who saw us thru the adoption process & made us feel so welcomed thru it all. This little guy has fit right in and is loving his new home as we are loving him. Michael loves going outside to investigate his new yard & go to his barn & check out all that the outdoors has to offer with his new Mom and Dad right there beside him, helping him to become further adjusted to his new home. Michael likes how the weather has cooled downed a little now and wants to stay outside longer to play & hunt down those moths and crickets. But his little body gets tired from all the hunting & has to go back inside, cuddle with his Mommy & Daddy, & take a little nap before it’s time to get up and go on the hunt again! Michael told us that he sure would like a sister to hang out with & so now we are looking into adopting another kitty for our sweet little man. New Kent Humane Society is the best & what a program you folks have there, ’cause you sure have turned our life around & made it much sweeter with your adoption program & providing such quality care!


“I saw Ella’s gorgeous little face on Petfinder and instantly fell in love! I took her home in May, and she is the sweetest, cuddliest, and most well behaved puppy that I have ever met. Even though she’s hairless, and looks a bit different when you first meet her, she has this irresistible charm and quickly wins the love of everyone she meets. She has adjusted to her new home very well! Her favorite things to do are cuddling up behind us on the couch, wrestling, playing outside, and destroying her toys. I want to thank the New Kent Humane Society for all the amazing work they do, and thank you for introducing me to my lovely Ella Belle!”



I started out as a foster parent to Miss Peabody – or Pea to her friends.   Pea came to me with heart worms, dental problems and anxiety issues.   We went through 2 months of heart worm treatments together and during that time became very attached to each other.  She learned so quickly what I expected of her and I learned what she expected of me in turn –  good treats and daily walks which keep of the poundage – for both the dog and myself!

The bond became so tight that I adopted her.  She is now a totally different dog after coming out of her shell, playing and rolling in the grass at every opportunity.  She just needed the love and respect that she deserved, but then don’t we all.

I will be eternally grateful to New Kent Humane Society for taking her in and for giving me the opportunity of finding her.  Many kudos to Melissa – such dedication to the cause is so needed and appreciated.


Lucy and Desi were shy tabby siblings who were rescued from a local trailer park in 2009 as older kittens.

This testimonial shows that even a shy kitty, if given a chance, can come out of their shell and become a confident, well loved and valued member of the family.

From Alicia E:

“I adopted little Simon, (formerly Desi) (as in “Simon Says” as he tends to be quite a talker) a few years back w/ some hesitation, as I was looking for a very social kitty and Simon leaned toward shy. I am, however, so very happy that I took a chance with him!  He has turned into a wonderful family member and is a “pack” animal through and through.  He is best of buds with all 3 of my dogs (1 Rottie and 2 Aussies) as well as the other 2 resident kitties.  He has a bed in every room, because he is a man of leisure and insists upon being wherever the action is.  I love him to bits; he is absolutely a momma’s boy!”



Michelle M on adopting Nikita:

“People have often asked us, why we rescued an older dog?  We didn’t intend to rescue a six year old dog, we simply sought out a dog we could love and found it in Nikita.   She has brought a joy to our lives that simply cannot be put into words.  She was meant to be with us, I knew it the moment I laid eyes on her.  Adopting her from the New Kent Humane Society was a blessing.  We were given her medical background, had an understanding of her temperament, she was house trained.  But what has she brought to our life? Obviously companionship, but she has also brought an unconditional love that is unparalleled.  She is a loyal companion, friend, daughter, therapist, goofball, play date, welcoming committee, cuddler, protector and confidant.   She often sits at my feet and listens while I complain about my day.  She will lay beside my daughter and nudge the tears off of her face when she cries.  Nikita has made our family complete in ways we never imagined.”