New Kent Humane Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 104
Providence Forge, VA 23140

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Due to the steady increase in the number of stray, homeless, and unwanted county animals, a group of dedicated, animal loving volunteers decided to band together to assist animals. With our volunteer placement assistance, we hope to increase the percentage of animals saved in the county.

To provide no-kill solutions to reduce the number of homeless cats and dogs through education and outreach, affordable spay/neuter, TNR programs and responsible re-homing through limited admissions foster care and community placement events.

Where do our animals come from?

Many of our dogs and puppies come from the county animal shelter.

As a policy, we do not accept the surrender of personal pets except in extreme and extenuating circumstances. We feel that your personal pet is your responsibility. If you can no longer care for your pet, you owe it to the animal to find it a good home with someone who will honor the commitment to take proper care of the pet. You can run an ad and picture in the newspaper, or contact a breed rescue group if your animal is a purebred. This may sound a bit harsh to some, but we are quite serious about helping perspective adopters understand the level of commitment required to love, feed, & provide safe shelter for any pet that is adopted. A pet is not a commodity to be disposed of when circumstances change and he/she becomes inconvenient or unruly because you have never taken the time and effort to properly train him to behave. The time to think about these very real issues and your level of commitment to a pet is before you get the animal…not after!