I started out as a foster parent to Miss Peabody – or Pea to her friends.   Pea came to me with heart worms, dental problems and anxiety issues.   We went through 2 months of heart worm treatments together and during that time became very attached to each other.  She learned so quickly what I expected of her and I learned what she expected of me in turn –  good treats and daily walks which keep of the poundage – for both the dog and myself!

The bond became so tight that I adopted her.  She is now a totally different dog after coming out of her shell, playing and rolling in the grass at every opportunity.  She just needed the love and respect that she deserved, but then don’t we all.

I will be eternally grateful to New Kent Humane Society for taking her in and for giving me the opportunity of finding her.  Many kudos to Melissa – such dedication to the cause is so needed and appreciated.