Michelle M on adopting Nikita:

“People have often asked us, why we rescued an older dog?  We didn’t intend to rescue a six year old dog, we simply sought out a dog we could love and found it in Nikita.   She has brought a joy to our lives that simply cannot be put into words.  She was meant to be with us, I knew it the moment I laid eyes on her.  Adopting her from the New Kent Humane Society was a blessing.  We were given her medical background, had an understanding of her temperament, she was house trained.  But what has she brought to our life? Obviously companionship, but she has also brought an unconditional love that is unparalleled.  She is a loyal companion, friend, daughter, therapist, goofball, play date, welcoming committee, cuddler, protector and confidant.   She often sits at my feet and listens while I complain about my day.  She will lay beside my daughter and nudge the tears off of her face when she cries.  Nikita has made our family complete in ways we never imagined.”