Lucy and Desi were shy tabby siblings who were rescued from a local trailer park in 2009 as older kittens.

This testimonial shows that even a shy kitty, if given a chance, can come out of their shell and become a confident, well loved and valued member of the family.

From Alicia E:

“I adopted little Simon, (formerly Desi) (as in “Simon Says” as he tends to be quite a talker) a few years back w/ some hesitation, as I was looking for a very social kitty and Simon leaned toward shy. I am, however, so very happy that I took a chance with him!  He has turned into a wonderful family member and is a “pack” animal through and through.  He is best of buds with all 3 of my dogs (1 Rottie and 2 Aussies) as well as the other 2 resident kitties.  He has a bed in every room, because he is a man of leisure and insists upon being wherever the action is.  I love him to bits; he is absolutely a momma’s boy!”