ADOPTED! Meet Novaleigh:  She is a new Australian Cattle Dog mix puppy from the local pound we are helping, and sadly, while innocently playing with her puppy toys, she jumped up, landed wrong on the tile and broke her back leg.  The vet said it is a delicate area of a growing pup and it does happen, although rare.  It would be like a chunk of our knee breaking off and free floating around.  She has been the best patient, behaving and staying happy through all the x-rays and multiple examinations and medications.

Please consider donating to help with her treatment.

She went to surgery today, 11/11/11 and is doing great,  It is an expensive surgery, and with a discount, it was over $1200 and so we are asking all of our wonderful supporters to donate to Novaleigh’s care.  We are all volunteers and receive no funding from the government, only from our fundraising efforts. Please give generously if you are able to.

Novaleigh will be available for adoption when she is all healed and you couldn’t ask for a better puppy disposition!